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tv   Planning Commission 11416  SFGTV  January 19, 2016 2:00am-4:01am PST

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you've heard i don't want to rehereby but pointed out that as far as i know the entire use of conditional use we're requesting whether or not a project is necessary and desirable for a district and you know as someone that lived in the district with this where this project will be nothing ah f can build is necessary and desirable in my book so, please i want to urge you to deny this project. >> thank you good afternoon, commissioners i'm honored to be before you i'm jessie brooks i am e i want to be transparent i've worked with ah f as a contractor with as a
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coordinator but sit on the board and do a lot of history work on the annual san francisco i was sitting here listening to the opposition and trying to look for good reasons why not no move i don't see any reason it suldz they want ah f to move windfall we want to move the pharmacy to the clinic where the tests show that clients who patients who credit sr. their care in one space do better with better outcomes so it is not about everything else they were saying that is about i don't hear anybody talk about saving lives what the clients having a better outcome i'm talking about getting to ground zero i have
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hiv and just to get to the clinic was has he will to me i count the patients that deal with the stigma that have to go from building to building that adds more to the stigma i'll talk about the appropriateness who is to say what is appropriate? i'm kind of worried about who they are demon appropriate for the castro are they saying that they patients that ah f is bringing is not appropriate i don't think so are quo i don't see a good argument not to move the pharmacies ah f is one of the pharmacies all we want to do is move the pharmacy corner the corner for the patients to get better care i mean, i understand the argument against the liquor
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store and the drug dealers i can't get my head around it but so ask to you make the right decision when you think about it in about people's lives not about politics and feelings how they feel about hiv but about saving lives thank you (clapping.) >> good evening, commissioners i'm jane kim a 22 residents the neighborhood and with the san francisco aids foundation it is clear that san franciscans dislike the politics the local hiv community and our community of civil servant h s is a bad fit that makes san franciscans proud the decision will plain
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clothes advertised about land use that is necessary and desirable for the neighborhood so let's look at that case for example, h f letters of support for one withdrawn out of concerns that is objected inappropriate and from an oakland agency that is by anyone that didn't reside in the bay area since 2013, the organizations on h f is people getting incentives and second the patient surveys as you recall during the last hearing the business from the oakland facility and from out of state to talk about the - they were not the advice of local neighborhood the sponsor has ignored the requests for the give me graphics no new evidence this ah f as a a clinic fell castro we
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know the castro represents a buffer opportunity for the wal-mart of patient care we know that the sponsor avoided the correspondence and tried to exist to get the project approval we know from looking at other jurisdictions when the sponsor was able to co-locate it's fancy chain if could auto spend and out last several nonprofits and put them out the business i'll leave every week in this room you here from neighbor units and nonprofits expressing their adamant support i have to building has influence on your decision we offer this unions and merchant and neighbors and others
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community-based organizations stand knitted in their ocean to this project the rest is up to you. >> (calling names). >> i'm going to request both sides refrain from clapping. >> thank you commissioners i'm daniel the executive director for project for san francisco bans hiv advocacy and public organization i want to society myself i know think that ah f is a great provider of the serviced for the public policy matters is an entirely different one but that that is not the issue burglary this is a necessary use in the castro the castro obviously has a great kind of accumulation of a set of
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businesses among them coffee places that would seem and pharmacies me in the interest of diversity of the kinds of uses that are in the castro is the desirable to move in a different direction than permitting another pharmacy and it is clearly given the number of fireman's pharmacies it is not necessary to have another one i've been working in hiv since 1991 a strong desire to marry or make sure that people with hiv have a quality care and access to pharmacy services but not clear if so necessarily it occur at that location it is abundantly clear federal and state this is a formula retail and multiple above 11 h f
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pharmacies worldwide and this is in violation of the departments own policies so thank you for your time. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm lane born a resident of the castro moving the pilgrim will have a negative impact on the community there will be harm ah f is a gig business this is about money and playing with the shell games enforces this they're a nonprofit in the paper sense they're a business and routine untruly in their adds they intellectually have misinformation defines at best and dangerous at best this is
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necessary and desirable they're not a good neighbor and the threat of it their actions regarding other community organizations and their campaigns causes harm to the neighborhood national castro ah f promote a high negative attitudes towards health care that is the last thing we need to the castro with the openly of the store my neighborhood said this is a step backward this is not a good fit for the neighborhood our opinion 2, 3, 4 is not necessary and desirable i ask the commission to vote not in favor. >> good afternoon. i'm the executive director for the castro you were market benefit district we're here to represent my board
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of directors and in opposing the moving the ah f to castro street the castro benefit district represents the board areas of you were market area your land use decisions are bans the needs or benefit not based on the needs of one project sponsor but how to impacts the neighborhood as a whole we take guidance from the castro and upper market strategy study all to the castro market board of directors opposing the pharmacy because we feel that is neither necessary and desirable and it didn't center a good fit for the neighborhood i'd like to august that with the planning department in that if didn't contributed to the long term viability of the neighborhood my office is across the street from castro street i don't think
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i've seen one person walk into theory front door and they are not open very often i don't think the pharmacy is open very often either we need an active retailer or business in this spot we don't need a business that is open only carbon monoxide that has few clients coming in but we ask we don't know the percent of their clients that are castro residents so we don't say it is nrnl they're not benefiting people in the castro i also have a question several of us tried to get the answer we don't know the space is a 4 thousand square feet and it seems like it, too large to have different businesses and purposes in that space i know
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when across the city said to expand their ann e where their fabric spore the planning department made them have two different doors and so why that not an issue here i don't know the other thing about this not a good fit or value for the neighborhood it it ah f was in a long lawsuit with ace in the castro and it end up going to court the settlement showed you ah f had to paid thousands of dollars this is months and months and months the aids hospice had to go without rent from their tent ma'am, your time is up. >> ma'am, your time is up. >> thank you. is there any
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additional public comment please step forward. >> good evening to you all the aids health foundation i come as a proud husband of a wife who is now unknown deterrible with the virus they've been very violent part of our relationship in keeping us healthy a vital part as a community and me being with my wife on some of the sick days it is i think convenient for her to have to go to the doctor and clinic and other location for the pharmacy ihink we are here
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to service the people that are in need if we can just save one life it is worth that i understand the concerns of the surrounding community but if we can save one life if we can make that possible for one person to have that one women's history month our goal is met thanis met than >> i wasn't going speak but i've seen the people speaking on behalf of the ah f are not san franciscans they don't live in our district they can't
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represent our district they've spoken out they don't understand why we oppose this is our neighborhood we're opposed to it and one other reason is that in the initial presentation they nerngsz going to be changing - it will change the appearance of castro street and it will create for congestion as walking did you observe the street the neighborhood went through a revirths to make it is important appealing other formula retail is going to take that reputation down another thing they mentioned was that none no one is talking about safety life well ah f is opposed to saving life i'm on a
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medication their clinic would not reach out to me i have to go to my kaiser permanente and, yes they have the pharmacy in the building but i have to go four underscores floors and a city block i don't understand why someone canned walk three hundred feet down the street. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> excuse me. i'm a little bit emotional i don't know how the residents of castro hiv and aids lives in all our communities we're coming from one community to another we don't lose our status ii diagnosed hiv positive in 1993 didn't aids in 1999 i remember several times in the diagnoses going to any doctor and having to go to a a
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walgreens or cvs i don't know if anyone understand the words stigma it is alive and well in our state of california i've been to two pharmacies that look at when they see your medication is a hoisting medicaid i'm for the pharmacy being moved into they're building because i don't think anyone knows what that feels like you have to go into a pharmacy your status is blasted and people are looking you crazy stigma is alive and well, one quick thing when the man it interacted me was a man that had a disease from another man, if i seen that poster do you really trust them my life might be different today thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners my name is rosy i have been living have lifting since 1998 they didn't have a pharmacy i traveled to san francisco and in turn i got sick i didn't want to travel to san francisco or walgreens or cvs and now i'm doing better thank you for asking we have a pharmacy in the clinic and i'm very emotional i'm asking you to please to put yourselves in my shoes i had this disease since 1998 and i'm skiing to please have the pharmacy in the clinic be together so thank you very much for your time.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon we do need a one-stop shop. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi allison park shawna person live is hiv since 1991 i'm not understanding they're saying there are too many pharmacies in the castro when this is a pharmacy that a f h is there we're asking for them to relocation and inside one building we'll not have to i'll a diagnosis patient i'll doing enough procedures it is necessary and important to me to be able to go to one place for all my care the pharmacy including the medical thank you for listening. >> is there any additional public comment? >> thank you.
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>> good evening, commissioners i'm angelica i feel this is a very and i can sense it from the crowd an emotional topic very sticky and debilitate, however, correct me if i am wrong plus a land use meeting and one thing about the land use is that the similarities from early whatever building or what is changing that is improving the quality of life for individuals so i'm still trying to understand grand ah f is not smiled on but the principles and practices do help people that does improve the quality of life this is about land by a
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utilizing a space which ultimately improves the quality of life for individuals so you have a very, very tough job i confined and i know you will do the right thing thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners members of the public those of you who have been here today or watching on tv seen the testimony in favor of that housing and so it is the first for me for the elizabeth telethon party of san francisco and in general we support the property rights i'm here to speak no opposition to in project i live about 3 blocks
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away from the proposed project on 16th street and a lot of people mentions the reasons why i think this is going to vote meow no, but anyway i'd like to stress as a sex worker this organization aids health care foundation also repeatedly attacked our history trying to force people to use condoms and it will drive many jobs out of the state and it is intruding into the personal lives of individuals in a very intimate manner and as mentioned they have particular their executive director michael instop sign acted in a fashion in los angeles i understand their posing the construction housing and putting up 24 hours that blocks his view he makes in ups
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of served or several thousand dollars a year consider how many buildings and some of the money that ah f is spending and that was spent in other organizations putting into fighting aids and helping people's height finally it is a chain store i don't have is problem with chain stores politically but personally it the no, my first choice in the neighborhood and you know it is generally an empty kind of storefront uncle not the kind of thing that will attract pedestrian businesses and so forth on castro i think you see that in the number of people from the community and businesses opposed to it i hope ah f will listen to the testimony and
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realize that aids a organizations have gone off track and next time you want to open up something think about this thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> no 3 minutes is there any additional public comment? >> here's my card. >> my name is michael nolte n o l t y i'm a formally health department employee so i'm from san francisco. >> the aids health foundation opposed the project meets all the side requirement for the planning code that's what we're here about therefore i'm in support of conditional use authorization i'm not going to get into the side issues that are not relevant to the planning
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code thank you. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed before i ask commissioners to speak i want to zoning administrator to give us a history of that parcel there were several questions raised by itself public. >> sure thing this project came to my at the scene of the accident ta in 2014 not the permit to establish the medical use ordering at the end of 2013 a complaint was made for two issues in the castro besides the 2 thousand square feet any change of use needs a confusion from the rarltd to the medical use, and, secondly, concerns of the pharmacy use i issued a suspension letter in 2014 that
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was appealed by the project sponsor permit holder and at the hearing the board of appeals determined it they upheld the determination that was a formula retail use that the pharmacy a was observing to the medical service modular not meeting the use subject to the controls they found i erred in determining the conditional use authorization was needed they found i incorrectly estimated they found it two uses i think correctly calculated it by the bathrooms and other structures this was their decision that was a formula retail use that needs to be taking a conditional use authorization substantial to that hearing the permit holder discuses alternatives to operating a
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health care foundation pharmacy in this location because under the planning code there are 8 different characteristics that if you have 2 more than and 11 locates their a formula retail use so they so you get to revise the proposal and it was character of the defining faechlz they changed the name of the logo 0 operate under castro pharmacy so with that proposal we released the suspension that was appealed by the neighbors that is the board of appeals the board of appeals had two hearings open this the first hearing an march 19 there was no public comment in support of position i was taking it was only the health care foundation and was not a hearing but
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subsequent my decision was appealed two hearings one that occurred on june 11th and substantially continued to august 20th on july 8th the board of supervisors adopted the interim controls and stated if you were determined to be a formula retail use but then substantially removed those character farmer's market your no longer a formula retail use you're still with the formula retail use requirement and on the hearing on august 20th the regulations and the conditional use authorization the board dismissed the appeal as moved because of the sgrrmgz requiring the conditional use authorization for the castro pharmacy and so substantial to that litigation on this matter which they're requesting the city attorney's office are answer in detail but ultimately
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their submitting as a hacking and the sgmz are lapsed they're coming down as the health care for the conditional use authorization for the formula retail use which is the land use item that is before you for your decision now thank you. >> commissioner antonini. >> well, thank you very interesting discussion i'll tell you the way it looks we'll see it is defining the medical use in automobile pharmacy not increasing the number of formula retail use because it is basically moving the formula retail portion of it into the same location as the medical clinic so it is just a relocation now a co-location i don't know there was some speakers that talked about how well the neighborhood was informed i would assume that staff has the information regarding if it was properly
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noticed to you might want to comment if in the case that is fine. >> verna planning department staff this project did go through the proper notification for the combined conditional use authorization and section 312 neighborhood notification 0 it included occupancy within one and 50 feet from property and owners within three hundred foot radius of properties those consultant groups with the upper market neighborhood and citywide list we have through the planning department and also the poster was post. >> ed. >> this is a land use decision there are problems with disagreement on the ethiccy of the medication people will
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disagree that happens sometimes and brought up one of the project sponsors was opposed to this it blocks his view has nothing to do with people come up with projects that block their views but sometimes you have to look at their particular promotions dependent of the positions on other issues so the previous there was talk about the space used for other things there will be a vacant on 18th street street that could be used for retail formula it is close to the instagram same practical medical clinics have a medical clinic on site it make sense someone is getting treatment in the process of their exam are
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treatment they're told to get a particular prescription they can do it makes it a lot easier and talk about the hours not been very widespread 9 to 7 weekend and 9 to 12 on saturdays it is a fairly good part of the week that is open i'm sure there is a possibility with some desire to leave it on longer there is no no prohibition from having it be open for hours as someone requested that so generally favorable on the issue i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say. >> commissioner hillis. >> thank you i agree many of the speakers plus a land use issue controversial and issues about few organizations but ultimately, you know, this cu requirement for formula retail use was put in place to give the
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neighborhoods a place at it hearing of how they president in their neighborhood to look and feel when those items come up a great weight in what the neighbors and merchant have to say starbuck's on 18th street in the castro we did it when we heard the peck express neither on them terrible use but the goal to give the neighborhood a voice and helps them determine how they want their neighborhood to look so what troubles me is that you know we don't see a lot of support from the merchant organizations are merchant or folks that are offering with the residents in this neighborhood and ultimately this is kind of where i put my decision and this not as many neighborhood folks
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it is not a active use and we had a active use in a medical office building this ultimate was approved i wouldn't support it i wasn't here when we voted but i have trouble with the active use ground floor and in a hive active commercial corridor so i can't be supportive. >> zoning administrator sanchez. >> apologizes one correction the interim controls are still in effect working with - but nonetheless this is the permanent controls as retail formula i can identify and commissioner antonini the question about the hours of operation is between 6 and 2:00 a.m. you this is at he'll
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discussion of land use and the prepares of 11 pharmacies that is serving the community properly and in a desirable manner i can't really hear the communities with that collective voice from other aspects from the groups aids foundation e supporting this particular suggestion and i can't support it as proposed. >> commissioner wu. >> thanks so on the land use issue and the question on necessary and desirable i think that the concentration of formula retail use is the question and the available of out pharmacy there maybe 11 in the neighborhood but specifically 3 within one block walk and that seems reasonable in terms of having the accessibility to pharmacy so i
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will not be supporting this. >> question for the project sponsor we when we you know aids in castro is is a the center the universe this is a bustling center i know that and it is a bustling center of commerce the community benefit district did an economic survey in terms of what the neighborhood needs, etc. we - the corridor came back with real issues in terms of foot traffic, making the castro have more people come from the region not nationally the question is every time we have a medical cannabis dispensary come before us they always have really quick to tell us you how many clients within a two block
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are 10 block area can you at the time let us know about this neighborhood. >> we did receive those questions we denied those questions on the prioritization of the our patients total number. >> sorry. >> total number. >> i don't have that number i can't talk about that that was the reason for our patients. >> the reason i'm asking that i live two blocks away over the past couple of quitclaims weeks i i know this is coming a couple of months ago every time i walk by i don't see anyone limiting i'm wondering who those places are serve what worries me their 3 in from the corner you have coffee shops and closer to the corner the muni stop i worry
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about creating what i've seen another the dead space any comments on that. >> actually, it sounds like assuming again there was going there but what is happening there you're seeing the elimination of a dead space two spies pa are apparently not a lot of foot traffic so again, the other space is opened up it will be for other retail purposes and serve the patient. >> if we were to did not conditional use authorization today, if the other half the 4 thousand square feet the zoning administrator mentioned we have a space nothing it happening would you create a lively retail
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space. >> we're using to showcase local artist but we're doing potentially for the shiners and liability concerns it is unclear maybe will stay vacant we're interested in serve our patient with what trust their health you don't i can't specify one of the thoughts i had based on where we went with the phillies coffee that is not exactly the same thing we have phil's down clearly far on the side street a lot of foot traffic that benefits the local merchants in the vicinity and not benefiting me but so whatever i would make my decision a based on the fact
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you've a you'll create a lively corridors on castro commissioner johnson. >> thank you i'm going to be supportive of ccii conditional use i aligned closely of the letters we received and the e-mails i listened to the public comment i'm as a commissioner, i try to be cafeteria not to stretch the distinction of necessary and desirable too much i really feel from what i've heard are lots of issues that are i'm stretched to relate them to the land use issues here i think there is a lot of things going on there is something that go going on with this project a number of issues but to me, i'm having a hard time connecting them to the question of the location of this use in f this
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space if i had to make i think there was comparisons made to when we talked about there recent starbuck's and coffee in the area i'm actually prepared more and more when we were talking about the aids housing in marina that is where my mind goes with with the types of commented i've heard i'll be supportive of it and i think that this is something that is moving around the corner i echo commissioner hillis comment i was there for the vote on the use of valencia but knowing this corner pretty well, i think having been there quite a bit i know that this is not necessarily something that is a distraction in the space and many in many senses i don't
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see the problems from around the block. >> commissioner hillis. >> i appreciate commissioner johnsons comments but ultimate we're voting on at least forces me, i'm voting on formula retail for the neighborhoods in their merchants district so i would make a motion i think we're doing an intent to disapprove. >> make a motion. >> yes. yes. >> intent to disapprove. >> second. >> one of the things i'd like to a do to the discussion on the medical facility only valencia we asked to a to activate the front with a pop up stand or something to make sure they were attracting people not just a strict medical use and a livelyness there. >> commissioners another motion seconded to adopt a
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motion of intent to disapprove is there a particular date. >> a couple of weeks staff is that good. >> oh, two weeks. >> 2 weeks the motion to continue this matter to june 28th will give you one week to draft a motion. >> it's acceptable. >> okay. >> can i comment before. >> thanks i'm going to vote against the motion but only you can hope 9 project sponsor comes back weeks ago a better answer of the activate this part of the store that commissioner richards is suggested to make that more active at a time a land use the relocation is not a problem but not wanting to see the dead space there. >> commissioners -
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commissioner moore. >> the simple idea of activation you have to look at the one on valencia it was a new building we saw the building design to make something happened i questioned that in the discussion i'd like to put in here we can't hang our decision on this might work we have an established setback in the form the setback between small retail developments and not enough a lot of room to imagine that you can activate it is a very somewhat not hiv on what the real issues are. >> project sponsor you have a comment. >> ? >> i apologize. i may have misunderstood our point from the
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question was this permit were to say approved and then would there take additional steps to put- >> if it was not approved. >> oh, not approved again, if we saw the pharmacy in one place what we can do with with that counter vacant space. >> thank you. >> commissioners a motion seconded to adopt the motion of intent to disapproval to january 28th. >> commissioner antonini no commissioner hillis commissioner johnson san francisco commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner richards so moved, commissioners, that motion passes 4 to 2 with commissioner antonini and commissioner johnson voting against. >> commissioners that places
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us on items 13 ab hyde street a conditional use authorization of the deserve will consider a request for variance. >> good evening vice president roanoke city and planning department staff this is a request for a confusion to go allow the building to expose the zones on a down sloping vacant lots on hyde street is it bound by hyde street to the north and is located within the r.c. commercial high density district in a health and bilk district that was occupied by a 4 story
2:47 am
construction in 1915 contributing resources to the knob hill agreement that building was destroyed by a fire in 2010 and since been removed resulting vacant lot is non-interesty property is a crosswalk of 43 foot tall and elevator penthouses, 5 story over basement and 25 hundred feet on the lot and provide 9 studios, one bedroom unit and 5, one bedroom unit for 15 dwlz and is 9 feet below grade in order to accommodate the basement no off-street parking is provided on this project. >> the project requires conditional use authorization pursuant to the planning code to allow the structure to exceed
2:48 am
the height even if the underlying allows for 80 feet in height the code nonetheless required the planning commission to hear it for two variances and section 136 of the planning code allows the streetscape to extend over the street by the subject property meeting concern requirement the project proposes bay windows at the second to fifth floor and the bay windows on those floors exceed the dimensions for the features listed within the code so therefore the variance is required it requires actually street variances residential use
2:49 am
are considered active only restraining order percent of the frontage at the ground floor is featuring way. a walk up direct access to a public sidewalk it is 25 feet wide and the residential use on the empowering that don't provide the straight assess to the sidewalks there are access is required we've received two inquires and one letter of opposition that one letter after the packet deadline and it is right here it is nrnl with the compatible neighborhood and satisfies this fees in the establishment the malice at a rate to equality of 25 percent and encourage the public
2:50 am
transportation by not providing the off-street parking and fill the gap that will compliment and not compete with the knob hill historic district and lastly the streetscape with 1 now street tree and one class two bike space pare the department recommend approval to insure that the new this will not impact the neighborhood and based on those in the case department the staff recommends approval and it applies with all applicable codes and consistent with the general plan that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you. >> hi what? project sponsor. >> so sorry.
2:51 am
>> commissioners mr. sanchez good afternoon or good evening whatever it is outside i'm joseph the dine architect for this project and i'm working with rudy architects sfgovtv if we could get to the computer please thank you. >> are we all set okay. as, i.e., was saying i'm the design architect on this project and working or work with rudy architect with the architectures on hyde street since you've already have received a rather comprehensive package from staff from all the facts and figures i'll skip that and talk about what we're trying to achieve and how the building works as you may know san francisco really need these more housing our client in the define challenged us to maximize the
2:52 am
density many this building and still within type 5 wood-frame building by stores we were able to accomplish that by developing efficient very liveable small studio and one bedroom plans we also used the national slope and grade to get an additional unit in the basement and end up with 15 unit which pretty sure maxed out the site religious are not micro reasonable person bare bones unit those are furnishable and adequate closest space next slide, please another goal to be a good neighborhood if you look at our parcel in the center there the shape of our building and if you look at the height we're compatible and suitable to
2:53 am
the neighborhood this is pretty much the scale and the bulk of the adjacent buildings and the gap in the middle in the street is our site next slide this site plans the footprint of our this and to the rear the required 25 percent rieshgd which last includes 4 hundred and 5 quote of common office space there on the ground and supplemented by an additional 4 hundred plus square feet on the roof next slide that is the building section this is hunch how the building works and demonstrates if you look at the lower right you'll see how the day and night unit works and in reality it is real really only two feet below grade on the rear side so next
2:54 am
slide - now we get into the various floor plans level by level in the basement in addition to the one bedroom units towards the rear we also have a laundry did that mouse work let's see there we go. >> we have a laundry facility we have storage for 15 class one bike spaces, we have room for mechanical and electrical, and in addition, we provide both elevator and stair access to the rear yard at the basement level next slide by keeping the building entry on the high side of site no go back - >> we are able to keep the first floor high enough grade to
2:55 am
limit the amount of excavation for the blow that and in addition by keeping the elevator in the middle of the building we have a studio unit and all the exposure in the back for a one bedroom units north side this is a typical floor it demonstrates pretty much what we're trying to do with the floor plans if you look at this you'll see the elevator and the two stared and the corridor actually take up 35 percent of the whole floor in a small building it is difficult to have an additional we've tried to be efficient in the unit plans themselves no says that a wasted we tried to incorporate the bay windows to make them contiguous with the
2:56 am
rooms they're in and in the front 5 or 4 hundred and 50 square feet units a bath and kitchen what san francisco plaza with the bay windows tied if we create a furnishable area we can get in a chair and sofa and a descent amount of furniture in back in addition those of course are larger 6 hundred and 5 square feet but using the bay windows we can get a extra desk space and more furniture in the living room and in addition to the full assessable bathroom, and kitchen a small walk-in closet we're providing as many
2:57 am
amenities as possible in small spaces that a roof plan where we have the additional 44 hundred plus square feet of open space okay front elevation i wish this year large we worked with the historic resources planner to come up with something he said to be more of a modern building but realized that we have in historic district and we have to do a building that is compatible we worked together and came up with this facade it is sort of a modern versions of a typically lot building in the neighborhood bay windows and project by project cornice and a claeventd base the primary materials for the facade are porcelain tile in
2:58 am
strips 4 inch high strips that more or less will resemble symsomewhat some of the brick buildings in the neighborhood and at the base to have differential we're using the 8 inch tile the coloration is a light gray on the top and the darker shade at the bottom the bay windows are constructed we can get it in the budget with aluminum sash and mostly all glass the upper part of the windows of vision glass and the rail desk height below more translucent glass that affords privacy that allows alter light to let in as much light as possible to make the
2:59 am
unit feel large the rear elevation and the one side of the building that is exposed will be stucco and the rear side has a bay windows similar in construction and materials to the bay windows in the front and with that, i want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to present and hope it is well received and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> regarding the building. >> thank you very much opening it up for public comment. >> i have two speaker cards bill you can speak once for this issue. >> that's fine. >> yeah. i'm bill the manager the light chronically properties
3:00 am
that owns the building on hyde street immediately to the left of the hyde street project site when the fire broke out in october 2010 it was a little bit over 5 years we're getting close to completion soon, we'll be able to rent out the building when we first learned the previous owner wanted to build an additional story in may of 2014 i contacted the staff we obtained it blocks off some the lightwell openings if by the look at the preamble of the draft motion it didn't have many
3:01 am
any of that in there we have several concerns about the project but the one that primarily relate to the confusion is the fact that it would block off two lightwell openings and at least 6 windows at the top floor the building. >> i'm going to show you a picture i took recently at the top floor 1 or 2 units a brainstorm and this pretty obviously two lightwell openings what's not 0 obvious there are two small bedroom windows in the back that opens up and at the end of the building there is
3:02 am
these windows from what i can tell it look the project is going to be built before the last column of windows i'm not sure about that but anyways all the openings the windows and the lightwell openings were there before the fire and this additional story is built will block of access to light and air so for those reasons we oppose the request to grant the conditional use authorization asking as for the variances well, they're windows that will be pursuing out looks like it will not block one of our windows still we feel that the frontage they're proposing.
3:03 am
>> sir, your time is up. >> thank you sir, and is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner moore. >> the zoning administrator scott sanchez the draurlgz in front of us that describe the buildings adjoining the property to the extent it the next door neighbors is describing the property windows i think that discussion raises questions that ask you to address as far as necessary living space did the windows have to be protected address that and i'll make my comments. >> surely to yes to our point will the property line windows
3:04 am
in regards to how the department it varies they're not legal property line windows that is a question about whether or not they should be retained and the department didn't require those matched lightwells is something that is historically you honor and match and from the photos it is unclear in the openings are lightwell i think i don't know if staff had the time to digest those materials or discuss them with the design folks right off wouldn't necessarily in every case require the setbacks from the property line windows in the building code you're required to sustain the light and air from your own property not require taking from someone else's property this is something we
3:05 am
need to look at see if those are actual windows. >> so to the buildings that were built prior to that part of code so have special consideration they need to prove that the windows that are behind those openings are indeed illuminating the living space rather than a closet or perhaps a bathroom, with that not clear it raises the question how to address the issue that may arise but i want to skip forward and leave that to ask us to continue but talk about the building itself the building is in the setting of traditional guess so with the
3:06 am
harmonious is acting in a way no jarring bay windows how they respectfully represent the windows and how they create a good residential environment and in the case of what is proposed to us on a relatively small lot 25 foot by 84 to have 15 units it is quite and feat and pushing the envelope but code compliant to the design where it is a variance on the bay window extending over public right-of-way and this is perhaps a point for me, i want to tee off on i believe that the building is in current configuration if at all borrow from this skilled
3:07 am
language of how windows are placed and how they're really and i what did the facade i'm doing i see a need at the top of the building supporting a entry co-pay with rather than a cornice that those types of buildings are wrapped around the corner this corner stops as a entry co-pay i don't understand why it doesn't wrap the corner i don't want an answer i want to continue when i look at the unit design and look at the variances i'm committed to conduct perhaps this building could be harmonious with the neighbors it is flip the studio unit to the back and take the one bedroom unit from the front that allows us 80 a simpler bay window
3:08 am
design which could potentially be code compliant with the sidewalks variance from a harmonious point of view from the elevation from the street there could be even a not just a modern notify bay it sets too far over to the side that new year's eve the awkwardness of the design i'm staring at this this is consistent in any criticism if this building want to do judgment with the department i'll be able to consider it and also like to see a much, much more vigorous tension charge kind of materials
3:09 am
in a more convicts daily and add to the commissioners is if we flipped the studios to the back what we would do probably flip the elevators to the front and the stair to the elevator to the back and the stair to the front in other words, to it have a proper balance and with the studio in the back ground floor we have a much better way and a gracious way to assess the open space it is shared open space they're coming to an stealing narrow space this building a improveable even with the 15 units the designers can flip it and make tweaks and have the
3:10 am
department look at the facade the single bay was grashdzly designed probable keeping the corners creativity to the view but this is what the minimal i'll ask for further to that tracking the cornice line with the co-pay wrapping around and getting rid of the knee brace if you design a well portion well detailed cornice you don't need that that asking is my comments i'll leave to the other commissioners to envision what i'm trying to say. >> commissioner antonini. >> i agree with commissioner moore i like the project a really good idea creates housing but i think we can do more probation officer make pa more compatible with the neighbors
3:11 am
that is a district that guess fairly uniform in period and some kind of and style and the two buildings adjoining it i agree with the base would make that look better and definite cornice the entryway you see the oldest building we'll put elements to make that more you know welcoming and look more like the actual front of the building that looks like a hole at the door are faster the windows i think on older buildings it should be a replacement of windows wood they ouch have to be dealt with what the building had before i can't tell was the adjacent buildings
3:12 am
probable the right is enclass to project sponsor will those windows open and wharf are they. >> come up to the mike, sir. >> the operational stash is the strirmg sprirlg of both kinds of windows. >> the ones to the right a encased but sure that part is fine i'd like to see i know you talked about light and letting light in somehow those buildings have plenty of light with windows that go floor to ceiling with the stucco and nice medallions with those that give character so i would like to see something on the bottom part of windows to possible put more wood there or something not glass after the bottom unit but more like part of rest of the
3:13 am
neighborhood so those are in some of my suggests i'm in support it needs design changes that would you know you've done a lot of good things the color on the bottom matches the building to the right the idea that commissioner moore said about flipping the unit might allow to dot phasing base but maybe the base with other things even if you didn't make the flipping have the squad c * square base and this is flat and comes in with the anal those are 45 degrees. >> i don't know that so that would be a lot better i think you've let in more light at 45 it is possible i'll see what my
3:14 am
fellow commissioners have to say. >> commissioner moore. >> in order to redesign the facade and bring that give the narrow water of the building it is not about objecting two base it is inconsequential we want to flip the one bedroom the larger bedroom unit in in front and put the studio in the back the smaller phased or the rear part of the live building a not as consequential to the elevation of all buildings to each other that's a suggestion for the larger unit in front. >> i echo with my fellow commissioners, i look for a higher quality and commissioner moore wanted about the change i agree and like to see a pallet
3:15 am
and will bring in a material pallet all excuse me. congratulations mr. vice president to achieve you folks added in terms of design changes a. >> commissioner antonini. >> i'm probable okay. i don't know if commissioner moore want to bring this back. >> i think the project should come back i on a good learning experience not a pro transacted meeting but help all of us i flu fully trust the department to direct what is the needs to be done a nod from the - not an
3:16 am
expensive configuration but should come back. >> i'm going to move to continue jonas when do you think we could have the availability to see that. >> commissioners i'll only say through march you have very, very full calendar so at this point if architect would like how many times will you need. >> to make those changes as far as the changes it is easy, however, flipping the building that will take more fit to make sure everything works i see your point in that the larger bays are more transmittal i critical to the studios and more leeway. >> sir, i'm sorry i'm kind of
3:17 am
occurs how much time. >> probable two or three weeks. >> may i interrupt the clarification on the windows that needs to be included i hope you'll find a way with the adjoining neighbors help to clarify what those windows and lightwell and that needs to be rescued. >> that is what the department of building inspection. >> may i comment on the late. >> commission is in agreement to continue the item you can work with staff open that we're picking a date. >> what about the 17. >> 17 of march that's good.
3:18 am
>> okay. >> the only sooner one we can add it to say march third. >> quite honestly we're in a pickle because commissioner johnson will be out for a few months and so it maybe impact at items on the calendar so i guess caution us to be more weary of that it impacts our year so the third and or 17. >> that's entirely up to you commissioners. >> 17. >> you have so many of the same type of case. >> it is the motion makers. >> i guess i was the one
3:19 am
making the motion i'll go for the third because the gentleman said there is a chance their may be projects that need a full claushd but some might drop off and the third is too jams we can move it back to earlier giving us the opportunity to hear it sooner i'm move to the third. >> second. >> thank you, commissioners on that motion to continue commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner richards so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimous 6 to zero commissioners zoning administrator what say you.
3:20 am
>> we would keep the public hearing open and to remove from the variances. >> commissioners that places you under our discretionary review authorization calendar two have been withdrawn and place you on item 15 21st street and i bed-and-breakfast discretionary review. >> southwest team leader on 3790 and the 221st street on the northeast corner in it is a 17 hundred square feet and 15 feet on the - along 21st street the exit structure a 21 hundred
3:21 am
square feet and overwhelmingly constructed a third story roof deck and excavation to create a basement level and interior of remodel that includes the changes the location if the parking replacement of two garage doors as well as the reconversion or configuration of the windows and doorways the residential design team reviewed it prior to the filing and raised by the dr requester were not necessary and desirable the proposed massing is appropriate as the project in the corner building have the opportunity to other 3 story buildings along the street the response the dr requester
3:22 am
instructed the project sponsor do the revisions they're the official revisions excluding the parapet and strongest roof caps with the public right-of-way and information on this facades the materials and the quality and finishes and improvements to the first too floors that relate to the vertical part and the - rdt are the says there is noting nothing necessary and desirable and approve as prepared i've provide with an up to date version of the rendering as well as the material pallet i'll handout to the commissioners that concludes my presentation. >> dr requester you have 5
3:23 am
minutes. >> (inaudible). >> can you speak up, please. >> and i'm here both many replacement of the dr requester ellen she's ill and the person is a presenter and i talked to her and reviewed here testimony if you or so inclined i'd like to proceeded to testimony. >> please. we filed i'll add also the chair the land use committee of the florl heights we filed this discretionary review first, the height and mass the proposed project with a 50 foot facade with no setback
3:24 am
is out of scale in my opinion it is a problematic design is finally in the review the revised plans the flat is redesigned to be a subterranean studio in the basement it is effectively wiping out an existing first floor flat we lose a multi union unit when san francisco is in a housing crisis those are exceptional or extraordinary circumstances i'd like to state 8 neighbors here along with other neighbors that oppose the project as property openly on the height and mass the curre the current buildings can you turn that on please the two
3:25 am
story structures with a 50 foot facade it is important we think about the orientation of that proposed building it is also oriented faced 21st street and that is in my opinion an important issue relating to the design the proposed project adds a floor above and excavates a floor blow this is why we're here the building a is on 21st the western gateway to the delores height it sets the appearances of the neighborhoods and it's thank you on 21st what makes this proposed exceptional or extraordinary well, if you look at it is the only building with a 50 front
3:26 am
facade no setback and located on the corner why are we concerned as you can see you, you could move the lever up and down. >> thanks. >> those two the 50 foot facade is quite significant when you look at the building from the front we were unable with the render of the proposed building as well to be the view facing 21st street in any experience the actual building is often much, much bigger than the architect rendered let's try to understand how big is that the proposed front facade is 18 hundred vertical plain larger than two billboards with a 37 -
3:27 am
it is for the scale for the project and - it shows the housing immediately across the board from this building all in designed in the same manner and the one further to the east is the third story and fits in with the neighborhood and the building across the street is also on the 35 foot lot but fits in well and has a good design for the northwest in 21st so to be clear we don't oppose a
3:28 am
3 story foot building the project sponsor take advantage of the block and they've added two more stories. >> turning your time is up. >> >> in support of dr requester you have 3 minutes. >> we have two speakers. >> no sfgovtv if you could - >> good evening. i'm christen i live directly across from the property with my husband coincidental architect john king wrote that homes in delores heights have a sensitive i'm a
3:29 am
big fan of contemporary and modern architect my feeling is that this homes design does not share the aesthetics and in its current home okay in the current form as a mediterranean home it has no design, however, it has some real contributes a natural too story scale and proportions are fairly sensible this helps the roof is in portion to the body and garages and breaks down the frontage and consider rat of the neighbors down the hill and to the west in my view it has problems to good earth naming the materiality and sites quickly as an example the home
3:30 am
on sanchez and 20th street whether your personal opinion it has eye pleasing overview potential and materiality with the woods and metals it is well integrated with the site and shares the neighborhoods design sensibility of appropriate scale the design of the proposed home in my opinion has problems first, as previously mentioned a volunteering foot facade the gateway to delores heats just the design to add another story on top of that investigator foot facade creates an offer scaled residence to the street the structure over overwhelms the site the third story didn't
3:31 am
integrate regarding the stucco creates a heavy feel and dominates and the aluminum material light was stuccoed and a bit of wood didn't provide did visible depth and plus that materiality is not offset by a creative sense of form which is a problem because it is so big the side of the building is surfacing face thank you, ma'am.
3:32 am
>> i'm a resident the delores heats and the delores plan use committee all to object to the redesign of the first story flat in the proposed building the proposed project will be the loss of affordable unit that can accommodate a family and consist with other buildings the duplex with two multi room flats part of the flat was occupied by a family with two children this proposed building has over 4 hundred feet and adds two floors with despite the floors the project eliminates the modesty room flat in the proposed design
3:33 am
- the new unit in the basement is a one-room studio the entrance and the one from that time only window are on noah street from the building with no windows or light part of studio shares a wall with the tan dumb garage and the bathroom appears to lack a private bathroom shared with access to the garage didn't seem to center a private bathroom in the subterranean unit by 2 thousands to the 36 hundred to be completely clear it is a very large single-family home like a children's playroom and not the current duplex this
3:34 am
is reasonable consist with the development to the neighborhood a loss of a building that justifies this to restore a liveable second unit and one other thing that i grew up. >> thank you your time is up. >> >> he has 30 seconds and i grew up in the richards district we lament that put other 90 out in the 60s and 70s it is a new generation it is largely a large structure for a new generation we'll live to regret the structures. >> any other speakers in support of dr requester you have
3:35 am
3 minutes. >> hello my name is pamela i live on 21st street i've been living in the neighborhood for 20 years i walk past this house for 20 years i'm glad to see new owners will be repairing the home it is in sad shape you i must say i'm shocked that was approved to be the size it is if you notice in the photo the house already take up almost the entire lot in the alley so the new property o proposed home would be a larger mass of very, very tight lot i recommend this sponsor remove
3:36 am
the third story to reduce that and respect the neighbors aesthetic responsibility but if it the commission didn't approve the residential project of this scale i ask the developers to reconsider their choice of materials to create something of architectural interest the neighbors oppose the current size of home that lives adjacent to the property and 3 of them have this view - it is not popping up do you need to do something with the - there we go. >> this is the view of the 3
3:37 am
neighbors who would be affected by the proposed property and in conclusion i'd like to say that from the plan does glow i hope the architect will look at the south wall since their moving the garage to the other side of the building they'll have a manifests south facing faed and the current design after reviewing the architectural design is simplistic and need more interesting architectural features thank you. >> any other speakers in support of dr requester. >> okay. seeing none project sponsor 5 minutes. >> here's some materials there's a pallet of finished
3:38 am
materials that we got the request 3 days ago now something that gives for debate to the materials in terms of the manufacture so my name is billy the architect so the exist building is previously described two dwelling units a lower unit 6 hundred and 50 square feet at the first floor the larger units is 14 hundred and 50 on the second floor the 6 hundred 50 square feet units is actually a studio there is a room that is using as a bedroom that took over from the garage space has no property addressed window are proper light there is
3:39 am
a garage parking for two cars no rear yard contrary to what was said earlier the side yard is remaining as is we're not certainly going to - the noah facade has two garage door and 21st facade has two garage doors and there are two entries to the two units also on 21st that are fairly obscure one entry applause a arched hallway that leads to a door that leads to four or five and recesses into that building and the z shaped you come in and turn left and turn right it is recessed about 10 feet from the street
3:40 am
and concealed above the sidewalk the lot slopes downhill and from set to north the proposal to maintain the two-story envelope to develop the sloped ear at least the first story that goes to noah street within the footprint of the building and added the 3-r that opens to the roof deck that is an important feature because there is little exterior space a new lower level will contain an 8 hundred and 25 foot units it is located a second entry as a side yard of the unit the lover level is parking with
3:41 am
interior access to both unit and the third story roof deck will contain the next 1, 2, 3 floors will contain the new unit that is 36 hundred plus square feet is it so important to note of that 36 hundred plus square feet only 6 hundred and 50 feet is the third story additional space the rest is in the two distinct floors of massive building a lot of is where the garage is near the first story and becomes habitual the footprint is limited to 6 hundred that is 47 perishes of the lot and half of the second story it is setback
3:42 am
considerable if into streets to differentie. - the on the east side of the building we setback the third floor another 15 feet from the property line this was done in in conjunction with working with that neighbor that owns the adjacent property he worked with throughout the design process she's providing a letter of support all to note regarding the neighborhood scale 20 off the houses are third story and 6 are second story long noah street the building directly
3:43 am
north of that. >> thank you your time is up. >> speakers in support of project sponsor you have 3 minutes you're not on the project sponsor team. >> no, i'm the owner. >> you can have a two minute rebuttal the dr requester have a 2 minute rebuttal a 2 minute rebuttal. >> it needs to be the party of dr requester sir, you spoke under public - thank you. >> you wanted to clarify our main issue is that this house is extraordinary because of it's 50 foot facade it design is on a little with the 50 foot facade
3:44 am
are going to be different than the building with the 25 foot facade we have absolutely no problem with three or four stories houses in noah there are some it is just the dimensions of the facade on the corner lot and it being the gateway to delores heats it's setting back a tone that is itch harmonyus with the neighborhood setbacks that's all. >> thank you project sponsor a two minute rebuttal. >> good evening. i'm michael i'm here because my power ball numbers if add up and also the subject property i consider the dr requester a good neighbor i was available to work with her and address her concerns since last april with the neighborhood
3:45 am
meeting i never heard from her until the request for this hearing i reached out to her on october 17th to no avail provided her with my phone call and she phoned me i was approachable and ready to work with her this makes reference to how my remodel effects the light and air typography and the fog rolling past the tower and the twinkling romance of a night time sky in any case she didn't reach out to me a member of the heights approached me and asked me to join the mile-per-hour aside from that introduction i never heard or heard from her
3:46 am
despite the remodel the neighbor to the east nooich the most effected and the owner of a truly historic resource had the most at stake again in my opinion she's prototyped of provided a letter of support take into account she's a good example of progress work we made changes after establishing a dialogue i ask you not accept that discretionary review thank you for your time. >> public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> i have to think how to get into the discussion not as - let me say i appreciate the department really shaping the building we're not discussing the code compliant but in many cases the communication in the
3:47 am
project it is too large because of square footage we don't have that here i'm interested in deciding into with wife project i have some thoughts i believe that the rendition of the design will we find it actuating some of the comments the dresser has observing in the neighborhood has made the other thing i building that the lack of guidance on the ground floor or basement unit as of real concern to me i believe that the building of 50 foot units of a 50 foot length is huge it is almost that is a long narrow
3:48 am
this barely 14 foot wide with windows on one side i have a question the plan as depicted i may have - i opened 80 a second set of drawings i don't believe they are correctly drawn because the unit on the rear side on the garden side didn't show a separation of how the unit will be xhund from the south i see the stairs coming from the upper floor but not quite know how that works and in addition the bathroom opens to the garage for the secondary door i'm not sure when the intent from our unit to the bathroom but go to the garage did work for me that aside the building relate to the sensitive the scale is somewhat
3:49 am
too bland and two unrender the windows are too big a very large facade i don't have a problem with the rooms but the facade i find two simplest and the a lot of flush non-very, very fade makes that even worse because as the building didn't have shadow, etc. that becomes mormon lyric than perhaps it should be i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say before we discuss that. >> commissioner antonini. >> it is not a huge change because the lower unit is fairly small even as it is now, however, you're going there are no to a lot of expense to create
3:50 am
that lower floor that is now going to have the studio it seems to me you could do the same thing but the lower floor the garage and have our parking there and take i am the mid floor unit and could be two floors with most of the bedrooms on the upper floor i didn't hear objections to the sized of third story addition they probable said it could be taller or bigger don't like the magnificently that allows you with the framework but add the floor and dig out the bottom and then create a unit a living unit that might be 3 thousand or 3200 square feet on the europe two floors and maybe a 15 or 16
3:51 am
hundred square feet unit i'm not telling you how to make your project but two nice family sized unit. >> commissioner wu. >> you know following on the commission and have the same concern about the bathroom is seems like it not intend to be a studio but a pass through room to get to the garage would like to see more articulation of two distinct unit and could be the suggestion that commissioner antonini gave. >> thank you i'd like commissioner antonini where was going i think who will live in a studio just they're two units and making it too units it didn't look that
3:52 am
liveable you know it is almost could be considered like a situation last week the larger building on ord street with a studio a large house wrapped and they intend to go studios their unrented but create a small unit i don't know the situation but a much more liveable second unit making that less liveable the design a aggressive for spot it is on i like the words unrender and honestly looks like take our trying to bring mission bay to delores heats not designed for the neighborhood commissioner hillis i'm sorry commissioner antonini. >> no, i don't why i'm up there again. >> i'm new to this folks
3:53 am
commissioner moore. >> i was looking drawings the sad part is any unit to me is an afterthought particularly because it is a push for that or might make it more suitable for approval what distributors me pd the residential design the live in space is the same as the garage the width of the garage is as equally important as the second story you look at the dining room table that looks at ideal to the parking of a car it is something really off and i think i would view to rethink what we're doing with the second unit i'm comfortable
3:54 am
with the room but it as question who it influences the facade and how it modulates the building expression as a two unit building with multiple recognition the second units the smaller unit deserves as much light and air a little the large upper unit i think this a fair challenge i'll say we have to send the project back in order to achieve that all and all the challenges on the residential design team and the variances are fine but the the devil is in the details so i think i'll move to continue. >> yeah. >> as this project meets the challenges on unit size and location facade design and a
3:55 am
realty where i want to see more work rather than giving this to the commission without a description included in our package. >> is there a second and second we need to make it april? >> april 7th. >> april 14th and maybe the 14 april 14th is available commissioner hillis yeah. i agree with the comments and you know it is up to you meet the challenges but especially on the second unit two vegetable and divide up the 21st street facade but good when we get this bang the rendering are at the corner and we're not really seeing that
3:56 am
facade as well we should and some of the issues with that facade so we're do the rendering he recognize you'll make changes but to get it from that angle not just the corner. >> i think to commissioner hilliss point i want to see a 3-d render looking up noah and down noah as well as what you have on both directions a sense of what we're looking at. >> thank you commissioner antonini and i think you're doing a lot of the rights things in using this elevation to create open space by but that is more suited to the parking and mechanical rooms to the mid sized unit and have a couple of floors the upper unit the neighbors will will let you know what they feel about the size of
3:57 am
3-r that is the four story but i don't hear a lot of opposition it is done taste fully all are so do a lot less if you design it you're adding a lover unit and ups floor not as expensive of a project it is a little bit better with the neighborhood. >> call the question, please. >> absolutely commissioners to continue this matter to april 14th with the direction of the commission commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner richards so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 5 to zero and places you on general public comment for which i have no speaker cards. >> any general public comment 3 minutes. >> no. >> not at that point.
3:58 am
>> any general public comment. >> ma'am, you'll have to come up to the microphone that you want to make that this issue has been heard. >> no a code issue no. >> anything else seeing no general public comment - >> can you come to the microphone please. >> i think that is a clarifying question can someone comment on this project i believe. >> no. >> thank you. >> okay. >> no other general public comment general public comment ma'am. >> okay. >> general public comment not on this project seeing none, the meeting is
3:59 am
(clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i think we have more companies anywhere in the united states it's at the amazing statement we're not trying to be flashy or shocking just trying to create something new and original were >> one of the things about the conduct our you enter and turn your your back and just so the orchestra. the most contrary composer of
4:00 am
this time if you accountability his music you would think he's a camera come important he become ill and it was crazy he at the end of his life and pushed the boundary to think we're not acceptable at this point for sure it had a great influence he was a great influence on the harmonic language on the contemporary up to now. i thought it would be interesting because they have e he was contemporary we use him on this and his life was you kill our wife you get poisons all those things are great stories for on